The Royal York Historical Society in conjunction with the Queens Orange Society is running a course on the Development of Ulster Unionism, starting Monday 19th January 2015. This course will run for a period of 8 weeks (ending Monday 9th March 2015) every Monday evening from 7-9pm in the Students’ Union, Queen’s University Belfast.

The course will be delivered by Mr Gordon Lucy, a distinguished author and historian, specialising in the history and politics of Ulster.

This course is supported * by the NI Community Relations Council (CRC). The course is FREE to attend and participate in and anyone is welcome to attend. Tea, coffee and scones will be provided for those in attendance.

The Learning Outcomes are as follows:
•             To gain an understanding in Unionist identity, history, heritage and foundation of their ‘being’ and existence;
•             Learn about Nationalism, their foundations, what they want/demand and the complexities of their relationship with the state of Northern Ireland; and
•             Ultimately this programme will enable participants to feel more confident in their own identity with a historical understanding, enabling them to feel more comfortable in engaging those from a Nationalist background.

If you or anyone else is interested in attending this course please e-mail Andrew Charles at in order to secure a place. Places are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. Early registration is therefore advised.

* This project has received support from the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council which aims to promote a pluralist society characterised by equity, respect for diversity, and recognition of interdependence. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Community Relations Council.