About Us

The Lodge at the Annual Orange Society Dinner in the Great Hall at Queens, November 2012


Rising Sons of William Queen’s LOL 1845 was formed in 2003 after Grand Lodge granted it a warrant to act as an Associate (Limited) Lodge. It is worth pointing out that the number of the Lodge – 1845 – is not a random number but instead represents the year in which the original University College was formed.


The fundamental aims of Queens LOL 1845 are:

  • To preserve the interest of young Orangemen when they are attending University and cannot make their own private Lodge meetings;
  • To further and promote the Orange cause within the University;
  • To encourage Brethren at Queen’s to form friendships and help them through their time at University.

As mentioned above, when being formed it was agreed that one of the main functions of the Lodge would be that of fundraising for Orange causes and this has been going from strength to strength over the years. The reason for this has been the innovative ideas put into fruition by the Lodge including: selling orange lily bulbs, making limited edition Somme ties and the hosting of formals. The result of all this fundraising has meant that Grand Lodge has been able to purchase a number of historical artefacts and important Orange causes have received substantial donations.


Although LOL 1845 has no set days for meetings, as it only meets during term time and does not meet during or in the run-up to exam times, meetings are held as often as possible and average approximately once a month. Meetings are mostly held in and around the University area to make it as convenient as possible for the student membership to attend. Periodically members will invite us out to their halls in which case lifts-sharing is arrange to assist those who could not otherwise attend.
Owing to the fact that it is an Associate Lodge it is a pre-requisite of joining that everyone has their own private Lodge.


Every year the Lodge is gaining more and more publicity as the public and members of the Institution become more aware of its existence. Along with this has come the support of many individuals, businesses, groups and Lodges of all levels – and it is this which serves a great motivation for not only Queens Lodge as a whole but the individual members too.
This has seen the Lodge take part in and be represented at a number of different types of events held throughout the province since its formation, for example the Dunmurry Mini-12th, Omagh Mini-12th, Donegal 12th, Lower Iveagh Mini-12th and Stoneyford Gunpowder Plot Parade.