University Orange Societies

The Orange Societies at Ulster’s Universities have been formed to help students explore the history, culture and philosophy of Orangeism and to promote the Institution.

They are open to all students, whether members of the Institution or not, and organise social trips, lectures, networking, and raise money for charitable causes.

They bring together like-minded people at the universities, help promote Orangeism, and bring new recruits into the Order.

The Queen’s University Orange Society is a undergraduate association at Queen’s. It was passed in full session of the Students’ Representative Council of the Students’ Union (SRCSU) on 30 April 2007. The society aims to promote Orangeism throughout the university and beyond, and to highlight the virtues and international flavour of the various loyal institutions.
LOL 1845 fully supports the Queen’s Orange Society, an official society within the University’s Students’ Union. All members of the Lodge are encouraged to support the Society in whatever way it can, with particular emphasis on all members who are current students of QUB. They are encouraged to become actively involved in the Society to help ensure that the name and reputation of the Orange Order is not tarnished in any way but is indeed promoted.
The Society has a very unique position and has the potential to be extremely powerful in helping those from Orange backgrounds enjoy their time at Queen’s by allowing them to meet like-minded individuals and also to educate those who have differing opinions on the Orange Order as to its role and importance within the wider community.
As well as this we would encourage all members of the Orange Society who are also members of the Orange Institution to get in touch with this Lodge (via the links on this site) as we are always on the look out for new members…and remember it is open to both current students, staff and alumni of the University!
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The University of Ulster at Jordanstown (UUJ) Orange Society is open to all students and alumni of the University and can be followed on twitter, @UUOrangeSociety.

Society Site:

The University of Ulster at Coleraine (UUC) Orange Society is open to all students. staff and alumni of the University.

Society Site: